​You Wear It Well…

Pam Pollock
June 2018

It’s a pretty well known fact that I like to bust my spouse’s stones. I do so whenever the occasion presents itself. I especially like to rub his nose in the fact that he is 3 years older than me.

Steve turned SIXTY the first of May and of course I had to throw him a little party – with a theme, of course. I chose “Old Dinosaur”, partly because, well, he is an old dinosaur now and also because the grandkids are obsessed with dinosaurs. (Anything for the grandkids.)

Although I rib and yank his chain (a lot!), I truly love this guy. I am in awe of his kindness and big heart. I admire his loyalty for his friends and family and his work ethic. He will do just about anything for his friends and family. Steve has never been afraid to get his hands dirty – and those calloused hands reveal a man who can work on his vehicles, plant and harvest a garden, do house repairs and swing an axe. He is most happy and comfortable being in the outdoors, whether it is hunting or fishing with his son and father-in-law or just hiking in the woods. He may be 60 but he doesn’t look or act it!

Steve loves to talk and tells very long-winded stories. His memory is unbelievable – he can recall events from 40 years ago like they happened just yesterday. He is a walking encyclopedia of customers and stories that have been published in Movin’ Out. He still enjoys his rock and roll music and a good action flick movie. He cheers loud and proud for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers and Pirates. He makes time for his friends and family – which is a rare trait these days.

Here’s to you, Steve and a great 60 years of your life – you wear 60 well! I think you are good for at least another 30 years.