​Working Show Truck Of The Month – BER Trucking

Robert Conrad
April 2016

As we head into April, 2016 is flying by faster than telephone poles on the side of the highway. Another farming season is beginning to take shape in the regions of the country that are transitioning from Winter to Spring. Farming and trucking are two industries that have been connected forever and will continue to rely on each other.

The owner of our April Working Show Truck is involved in both. Brian Reichard runs BER Trucking based in Chambersburg ,PA and he also has his own farm in the picturesque PA countryside.

Brian trucks with his stunning, old school 1981 KW W-900 A-Model that's about as cool as anything you'll see on the road today. Brian hauls lumber and equipment with his KW and his 1995 Benson flatbed. Even though his truck is 35 years old and has over 1.8 million miles on it, Brian's old school beauty can run with the big dogs!

Power comes from a 3406 E CAT engine that's paired with a 13 speed transmission and a set of 3:55 rears. Brian has added a few custom features to his truck including an 18" bumper, a set of 6" straight pipes, and a set of fenders over the rear tandems. He stretched the wheelbase to 265" and upgraded the power by adding the electronic CAT engine.

He delivers loads to a variety of locations but said his most memorable experience was traveling to Long Island, NY for the very first time. Let's just say that Long Island is a nice place to visit but Brian prefers the countryside of PA! He has been driving for over 15 years and his old school ride definitely stands out no matter where he goes.

Brian wanted to send a big thanks out to his family for all of their support along the way. He also wanted to thank Darren, Sam, and the Antrim Diesel Shop for everything they've done to keep the wheels turning!

Brian Riechard just may be the definition of "old school cool", trucking around in his 1981 classic KW. While many drivers would prefer a tricked-out new rig with all of the latest features, Brian wouldn't have it any other way. He turns heads on the interstate as well as at the various truck shows he enjoys attending. He has kept the simple, classic KW styling alive and the results speak for themselves!

Movin' Out salutes Brian Reichard for all of his hard work by selecting him as our April 2016 Working Show Truck of the Month.