Wise Words Often Joined In Form Of  Short Sentences

October 2022

Our world has ways of grabbing our attention.  Some of the things that are used are loud things.  Great noises.  The blast of a trumpet or the shout of some human being.  Other times our attention is gained by that which is long.  In other words, that which is continuously put before us.  It may be short in its presentation, but in the length of time that it is placed there and frequency of times it is put before us, it finally gets the attention.

Don’t ever forget this, what gets your attention gets you.  So, we have to guard against what we give our attention and mind to.  In the realm of the preaching of the Gospel, it is possible for a preacher to become a martyr of long and loud preaching.  But sometimes the best preaching is given in one sentence, such as “God is love” or “Fear not.”

Sometimes we think the longer and the louder the sermon, the better it is for us.  There are times when the sermon needs to be loud and long, but for the most part, that which is spoken to us directly and briefly is the thing that sticks with us and changes us from sinners into saints.

“You must be born again”, is a verse of Scripture that grips the heart and refuses to turn it loose until regeneration is the experience of the hearer.