​Winter Is Here…

Pam Pollock
May 2019

*Minor GOT spoilers ahead*

Now, let me explain…. I know that what felt like an endless winter and its Polar Vortex is (hopefully) finally over for this year. But, for Game of Thrones fans, winter has just arrived after a very long 17 months of waiting for the new and final season to air.

Our family has been fans from the very beginning of the HBO series. Our moods have varied with each and every episode: we have laughed and cried, we’ve been shocked (oh my how we have been shocked) and amazed, we’ve been horrified and amused. The gamut of emotions during each episode leaves us gasping and with slack jaws.

Over the years I have dressed up my two oldest granddaughters as Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi) and a dragon. I may have a Jon Snow costume for my grandson, but I just haven’t gotten around to having a photo shoot. The adults have GoT t-shirts and mugs and drinkware and even a Hound mask. This past fall I hosted a Mother of Dragons party to celebrate the impeding arrival of my 4th grandchild. Because my daughter and son-in-law chose not to find out whether BK4 was a boy or a girl and did not reveal what monikers they had picked for the new baby, I had a onesie made with the saying, “A Baby Has No Name.” Three days before the fete, I remarked to Abi, my daughter and I’s dear friend that I had never gotten around to constructing the Iron Throne. Abi has a theatrical background and graciously offered to make the throne for me. I don’t think she knew what she was in for as I dropped off a kids plastic lawn chair, a box of wooden plant stakes, some plastic swords and three cans of spray paint. And in return, she created the most awesome Iron Throne ever!

The final season of Game of Thrones began last week. There are only 6 episodes and we have viewed two of them. Winter is here, the White Walkers are just outside of Winterfell and an epic battle is brewing! I spent last night gripping the armrests of the couch, yelling, “What did Tormund just say” and crying when Brienne of Tarth was knighted by Jamie.

Who will be the ruler on the Iron Throne over the Seven Kingdoms? Who will live? Who will die? Will Cersei finally get what she deserves? What about the dragons? What about my beloved Jon Snow? Where are the two remaining direwolves? I need a case of Vanilla Coke and some therapy to get me through these next four episodes. And some snow boots because winter is finally here, and this storm is going to be brutal.