What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him?

Robert Harris
April 2021

The minds of men have pondered, “what is man” since the earliest of times.  Various answers have been given.

Some tell us that he is the product of evolution.  Many of us believe that man is the creation of God, that he is the masterpiece of God’s creation, and after God created man, He put the world in subjection to man.

Others believe that man is just a comet passing through time, coming from nowhere and going nowhere… all of us know better!

It might be said that man is a generator.  He has the ability to generate good or the ability to generate evil.  It is likewise said that man may be a transmitter.  He may receive one thing and give it out to someone else.  I like to think of the human as transmitting good.  This is how the gospel went around the world.

God gave the gospel to men, and they transmitted it to others.  Man can be called a receiver.  He receives many things; his life was given to him, his intelligence was given to him, his talents were bestowed upon him.

“Ask and ye shall receive” is something known to all of us.

Man can also be a sponge.  He can absorb everything that comes his way.  Sometimes in selfishness!  A sponge is not so bad if it fills itself and then yields itself to do some good.  If the sponge absorbs for its own interest, then it is evil.

Finally, a man can be a conduit that dispenses what which is given to him, and that’s where the blessing is.  What is man?  Man is an instrument God can use if he will commit himself.