Wayne Hilt

Robert Conrad
June 2022

Wayne Hilt definitely has diesel running thru his veins, after running up and down the interstates for 52 years. He's trucked for 35 of those 52 years as a lease operator for Trimac Transportation hauling tankers. He says that he always wanted to own a Kenworth and he finally purchased one of his own in 2005, after recovering from a heart attack and successful bypass surgery.

Wayne's KW is a 2006 W-900 model that he purchased at CIT Trucks in Normal, IL. The truck was solid red when he purchased it, but Wayne added the black paint & the striping in 2017. He credits Gene, Greg, and Jamie at Stohler Body Shop in Gridley, IL for giving the truck a whole new look with the paint work. Matching fenders were added in 2019 and Wayne has also added a louvered grille, polished drop visor, and plenty of "chicken lights".

He has nicknamed the KW "Big Red"  and power comes from a 550 HP ISX Cummins that's paired up with a 13 speed and a set of 2:85 rears. Wayne said CIT did an overhaul on the motor for him at 1.4 million miles and this working beauty now has 2,055,000 miles on it.

He says that he sees a lot of sights while trucking and he enjoys visiting them while taking vacations in his 5th wheel camper with his wife, Pat. Wayne & Pat also enjoy spending time with their 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren when he's not out trucking!

Wayne & "Big Red" won a trophy at this year's PKY Truck Beauty Championship, held during the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, KY. The judges certainly got it right, as Wayne Hilt & "Big Red" are definitely a winning combination in trucking! Movin' Out applauds Wayne for his years of service in the trucking industry and he & "Big Red" are our choice for the June Working Show Truck of the Month.