Tracey Rieks – Owner/Wade Beck -Driver/T.L. Rieks

Robert Conrad
June 2023

This classy 2016 KW W-900 & 2017 Great Dane 54" Super Seal reefer combo belongs to Tracey Rieks, and he knew just who to have build his latest ride, J Ferrell Customs Trucks based in Gap, PA.

Jimmy Ferrell, owner of J Ferrell Custom Trucks, definitely knows how to give a truck just the right look and he & his talented staff knocked this one out of the park for Tracey. In fact, the judges at the PKY Truck Beauty Competition agreed, awarding Tracey Rieks & his "killer combo" 1st place in the First Truck Show Combo class at MATS this year.

J Ferrell Custom Trucks is located in Lancaster County, PA, but truckers come from all over the U.S. to have Jimmy & his crew get their rides looking right! This W9 started out as a glider kit and Jimmy added 1/2" frame rails and finished the wheelbase at 325". An ADZ Nuway suspension was installed, along with an Spl250 driveline and a heavy 22918 transmission. Power comes from an Acert CAT motor that's "tuned up" to 800+ HP, and the upholstery inside is courtesy of Randy at Sparetime Fab.

Deihm Services laid down the flawless paint on the truck, and the sound system was done by RAD Solutions. All custom fab work was done in house by J Ferrell Custom trucks, including the cleaned cab roof with extra lights, polished visor, the 70" custom ATG sleeper, polished rear light bar, and air hook-ups that come out of the back of the frame. The trailer has a custom 3 axle bogey that they built in house, a custom stainless rear end, and plenty of lighting all around. Jimmy installed the air system on the trailer and all 3 axles are bagged.

From the smooth bumper up front, all the way back to the lighted panel below the painted trailer doors on the Great Dane, this is one cool combo that definitely stops traffic! Movin' Out salutes Tracey Rieks for his vision on the truck & J Ferrell Custom Trucks for their incredible build, with our choice of T.L. Rieks' latest ride as our July 2023 Working Show Truck of the Month.