Todisco Towing - Owner: Pat Todisco/Driver: Mike Cross

Robert Conrad
May 2022

Todisco Towing certainly had humble beginnings in May of 2000, when company owner Pat Todisco started with one light duty tow truck and a cell phone. Fast forward to 2022 and they now have over 60 tow trucks, 4 locations, and 70 extremely talented team members on board.

Pat and his team have become one of Massachusetts largest towing operations and Todisco Towing serves the MA State Police, multiple city police departments, and hundreds of private clients. They offer a great working environment with safe & dependable service being top priority every time they go out on a towing or recovery job.

This 2018 KW W-900 heavy wrecker is the pride of the fleet and Mike Cross is the primary operator. Pat says that Mike grew up in the towing industry, hooking cars & trucks in the tow yard as a young boy and tagging along on recoveries. Mike got right into towing once he received his license, cutting his teeth on a classic Autocar wrecker with an 850 Holmes wrecker on it. Today he is the lead heavy duty operator at Todisco, and he takes a great deal of pride in his ride. Let's just say that this KW always leaves the company yard shining!

The Cummins engine pushes out 605 HP and is paired up with an 18 speed Eaton. Up front there's a 22K LB front axle that works perfectly with the 20K LB pusher and 52K LB rears. The truck has virtually every option available and custom features include a polished drop visor, extra grille bars, a square bumper up front, extra roof lights on the cab and polished cab panels. The wrecker body is a JerrDan 1000 60-ton rotator that's been "dressed up" with polished panels, over 150 LED lights, over 30 flashing warning lights, and a Willburt night scan LED light tower.

The winches are all operated via remote control and the wrecker body is clean enough to serve dinner on it! Mike certainly represents Todisco Towing & the entire towing industry with class every time he gets into the driver's seat in the fully customized interior.

Movin' Out would like to salute the entire Todisco Towing team, especially Mike Cross & this wicked cool wrecker, with our choice of them as our May 2022 Working Show Truck of the Month.