​There’s No Business Like Snow Business…

Pam Pollock
March 2020

That rascally little rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, made a bold prediction a couple of weeks ago that Spring was just around the corner. I found that slightly hilarious, because at the time, Winter had never really arrived here in Western Pennsylvania. In fact, the day that Phil proclaimed an early Spring, it actually snowed and then went up to 41º later that same day.

We’ve actually had a couple of days since then when the snow has enveloped the ground. This morning, as I write this column, the temperature was a bone chilling -1º and the trees are glittering and shimmering from the ice and snow that Mother Nature has bestowed on us.

Last week we finally had enough of the fluffy substance to pull the sleds out and make some rides down the hill. The grandkids were in their element – screeching as they whizzed down the hill and then imploring Pap Steve to pull them and the sled back up to the top. I watched and took photos and could not wait any longer, I grabbed a sled that I thought could hold me and position myself for the journey ahead. There was not a lot of snow and it was not ideal for sledding, nor for making snowmen, but I wanted the thrill of hurtling down the slope. I scooted, I chugged, I thrusted and twisted. I pawed the snow with my gloved hands and finally I had lift off! “Watch out below,” I yelled, “because Large Marge is on the move!”

I got to the bottom of the hill and asked Pap Steve to pull me back up, but he just laughed hilariously. The grandkids made snow angels and jumped on the snowy trampoline with Pap. Keeva (my American Eskimo grand dog) was in her glory as she jumped and dived through the snow. A fierce snowball battle ensued but we never quite realized who the victor was because we were all barraged with missiles of snow.

Phil, you can just turn around and burrow back in your hole for at least two more weeks because we finally have a taste of winter and we are not quite ready for the daffodils and rain puddles. Spring can wait, we kind of like this snow business…