​There Are Two Great Days In Each Life: One Is When You Discover Your Purpose

Robert Harris
August 2018

Every man you meet in the street can tell you what’s wrong with the world. The only problem is that he doesn’t offer a remedy. It isn’t enough to see the evil that is in the land, we must have something that will replace it.

The human being will continue on the same road, even if it is a rut until he sees something better than what he has. There is no change in sight for a man until he comes to himself. The Prodigal Son would teach us that. In the pigpen he came to himself and said, “How many of my father’s servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger? I will arise and go to my father.” He didn’t arise until he first found himself.

There are two great days in the life of every person. One is his birthday and the other is when he finds out why he was born. The rest of his life is only a display of how he is on the inside. Appearances reveal character. Some things are learned by study. Some things are learned by being told. Other things must be learned only by revelation as God gives light upon the subject. Now, after revelation, many people do not act, they simply continue doing what they have always done.

It is not revelation to the, it is just a repeat of the ‘same old, same old” as the man said unto his friend. But thanks be unto God, there is newness to life when we walk with Christ and we do not have to be in just a proverbial revolving squirrel sage. We can walk with God and make progress.