The RoadWorks Team is Working On Their “Night Moves”

Jacob Linson
April 2020

Since 1994, RoadWorks Manufacturing has operated out of Lafayette, Indiana designing and manufacturing stainless steel semi-truck accessories. They have developed an extensive catalog of products for a wide variety of truck makes and models, and they are very excited to be introducing new RoadWorks exhaust kits featuring 48 hour lead times, free shipping, and a 2 year warranty.

Over the years, RoadWorks has designed a new show truck every year to unveil in March at the Mid America Trucking Show. While the show was cancelled this year, the build was not, and the RoadWorks team is proud to unveil “Night Moves,” the 2020 RoadWorks show truck. While easy on the eyes, the truck is also a testament to the endless thought and effort that the team puts into each and every build.

Night Moves is a 2020 389 with a 565 X15 Cummins, 2050 Torque, 18 speed transmission, on low-low air leaf. With a 310” wheel base, this truck is definitely long and low. The real show stopper though, is all the custom work that has been put into every single detail of this build. It begins with a custom 20” stainless front bumper complete with a flip kit, custom grill featuring the RoadWorks trademark “R” in the bottom right corner, a custom post-mount style visor with lights, custom overhead console and headliner insert, RoadWorks battery boxes on both sides with 8 total batteries, in addition 2 custom 60” frame boxes adorn each side of the frame rails. The biggest change this year from previous builds has to be the 8” RoadWorks exhaust kit with stove pipe tips and custom cut RoadWorks logos in each side.

In addition to the custom RoadWorks products, the team went to Davis Brothers Designs to help them bring the interior to the next level. You’ll definitely be able to hear the team coming down the road with their 7200 watt sound system. There are so many speakers in this truck; they had to remove the bed to make room for more! The Davis Bros team also installed custom door panels, painted dash inserts, along with providing the excellent paint job featured on Night Moves’ exterior. This is the second build that Davis Brothers and RoadWorks have teamed up on, previously completing the 2019 show truck “Lucky 13.”

While the truck is truly amazing, no truck is ever truly complete without a driver. Night Moves was the brain child of veteran truck builder, Troy Huddleston of Yale, Illinois. Troy has been a RoadWorks brand ambassador for several years now and is lucky enough to sit behind the wheel of each RoadWorks build. When asked how he thought Night moves turned out, Troy is quoted as saying “Holy Schneikies!” We think he might be happy with how it turned out.

Troy had a hand in every aspect of the truck build, from designing the paint, to deciding what parts to put on the truck, to deciding which parts would be painted and which would be polished. If designing show trucks was a recognized science, Troy would certainly have a PHD. We asked Troy what his inspiration was for Night moves and he said, “Honestly, ‘Night Moves’ is something that the outlaw truckers have done for years. The name ‘Night Moves’ fits with the paint scheme of the truck, we’ve all gone through an outlaw stage in our life and this is a little bit of mine.” Many are familiar with the Bob Seger song that helped Troy in determining what to name the new build.

Anyone looking can see that a lot of time and effort went into the exterior of Night Moves. “I was wanting to do a two-tone modern look” Says Huddleston, “ A lot of guys are doing the old school look right now, which is cool, but I was wanting to do a more modern style for Night Moves. I can never get completely away from the old school which is why we incorporated the heavy metal flake in the silver stripes.” The RoadWorks design team chose to show off their capabilities by prepping their trusted stainless accessories for paint and incorporating them into this build. While they are known for their stainless accessories, the RoadWorks team chose to feature painted cab and sleeper panels, shock box and air bag covers, recessed deck plate, along with others, showing off their adaptability to market trends and their capability of making cool and innovative products that continue to impress. When asked about why the team felt it was important to use painted parts, Huddleston replied, “It seems like ninety percent of show trucks these days have painted parts because it’s trendy. It’s been around before, and it’s come back, just like everything else, wait long enough and it’ll come back.”

With over 400 lights, you’ll really be able to see Night Moves moving at night! Huddleston’s old school ways definitely played a part in the decision to incorporate so many lights in this build. When asked what he was most excited about regarding Night Moves, Huddleston replied, “If I built my own truck, I would want something like this. I just can’t wait to get out there and roll with it. We were working so hard on getting everything done and we finally get done and we weren’t able to show it! So I’m excited about getting to get on the road. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.”  We certainly second Huddleston’s sentiment about getting to see Night Moves finally hit the road.

Huddleston may be old school but the marriage of old and new school styles has truly achieved something unique that drivers will be talking about for years to come. To find out more about the products offered by RoadWorks, please visit their website on social media @RoadWorksMFG.

Photos by Davis Brother Designs