​Texas Truck Tuning – A Full Line Of ECM Solutions

May 2018

CLEBURNE, TX… Every electronically controlled engine can be tuned. How it is tuned depends on what you are going to use the vehicle for. If you are an over-the-road trucker you will want a different tune for running mountainous terrain versus running in the flat mid-west. Heavy-duty construction equipment requires a different tune than farm equipment. Whether you own a small Isuzu engine or an 18-litre CAT engine, Texas Truck Tuning can do a custom tune for your diesel engine.

ECM tuning is the process of fine-tuning the diesel truck’s computer software, controlling the engine’s fuel management system. How you tune each vehicle depends on what the owner intends to use it for. The benefits include: more power, greater throttle response, and, on average, a 5-20% gain in fuel economy. When Texas Truck Tuning does your tune however, you also have the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty that includes adjusting the tune or completely redoing the tune if it is reflashed after a visit to your local dealer. They will do this for as long as you own your truck.

Texas Truck Tuning’s goal is to keep your truck’s engine in optimum performance range. Each tune done by Texas Truck Tuning starts with talking with one of their technicians to establish your tuning goals. Each tune is unique and they never use a template to do a tune. The average fuel saving per year per truck that they have tuned is $15,000.

Texas Truck Tuning offers both on-highway and off-road tuning. They also offer complete engine service and engine rebuilding. Some of the brands they tune are: International, CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Mercedes Benz, Paccar, Mack, Volvo, Hino, Isuzu, and other electronic diesel engines. Texas Truck Tuning’s main shop is in Cleburne, Texas, just south of Dallas and Fort Worth, but they have over 100 dealers in the USA and Canada to serve you.

Texas Truck Tuning was started by two oil field diesel mechanics to service their own fleet of trucks. As electronic engines emerged, they began tuning their own trucks and by 2008 were offering custom tunes to the public. Both partners still have their hands right in the oil every single day. Today, Texas Truck Tuning has thousands of satisfied customers; here is what a few of them have to say:

“After spending almost $27,000 on my 2008 Peterbilt for emissions issues at the dealer in 2013, I really didn’t know where to turn anymore. After hearing about these people and giving them a shot, I haven’t been back in the shop for any Regen issues since, and all components are installed and operating!!! These guys can help you!” - Rene Corpus Christi, Texas

“If I would have heard about these guys a few years back, I wouldn’t have sent so many new trucks to the Auction because no one could simply keep them on the road…. These guys can help you keep your newer fleet trucks on the road and trucking!” - Justin Stephenville, Texas

“We operate a fleet of 32 Cummins powered Trucks, and several Caterpillar off-highway pieces of equipment. Texas Truck Tuning averages 1.5-2 MPG gains on our fleet trucks, and are there for any programming/emission issues on our Equipment. First class program, really gives us a huge advantage over our competitors.” - Terry Weatherford, Texas

Texas Truck Tuning also sells performance parts, including: ceramic chrome plated performance manifolds, with thicker exhaust flanges, non-VGT turbos, and updated fuel pumps. The tuning process for customers can be done remotely over the internet or call 888-787-1373 for dealer info. You can also visit them online at www.texastrucktuning.com. Stop by their shop to experience some true Texas hospitality.