​Take Three Steps To Come To Jesus

Robert Harris
April 2018

Have you ever considered coming to Jesus? The Bible says, in the lifetime of Jesus, He once said, “Many will come to me from far – from the East and the West, the North and the South and sit down in the kingdom of God.”

In the lifetime of Jesus we have one man coming To Christ described as “casting away his garment, he arose and came to Jesus.” There are three steps in that particular man’s life. First, he cast away his garment. His garment was his cover-up. How many people do you know who are living under some kind of cover? Their lives are covered, sometimes with pride, sometimes with lust, sometimes with secret sin. But, if you want to come to Jesus, you must get away from your cover-up; you must cast away your garment and come just as you are.

The second thing this man did was “he arose.” It’s time for many of you to get up. I see many a man who is not under any kind of cover, but is just down. It is not God’s will that you are down. He wants you to get up! He once said, “Lift up your eyes; for your redemption draweth nigh.” And as this man cast away his garment and arose, he came to Jesus willingly.

Thirdly, You cannot force men into Christianity. You’re going to live exactly as you are living until you want to change and not until you’re willing to change will there be any change.