​Song Asks: “What On Earth Would You Do For Heaven’s Sake?”

Robert Harris
July 2019

I heard this question in the form of a song. I began to ponder its depth to see if I could find some good answers. “What would I do on earth for heaven’s sake?”

First, I must consider how I am to gain heaven. How can I be saved? So, on earth, I will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, with my heart and confess Him with my mouth; for heaven’s sake. For indeed I would like to go to heaven.

After I have believed on Him, and become a Christian, “What on earth will I do for heaven’s sake?”

I will engage my life in a practice of living that pleases Him, seeking to live with nothing between my soul and the Savior, knowing that someday Jesus Christ is coming back for a Church that is without spot and wrinkle, and He is looking for people who, on earth for heaven’s sake, will live a clean and holy living. “What on earth will I do for heaven’s sake?”

I will be a witness and undertake to win others for Christ. I do not want to appear in the presence of the Lord empty-handed. I would like to bring some works and some fruit of the spirit along with me.

I would like to believe that God has sued my witness to win others to Christ, and to help them, while on earth, for heaven’s sake, to believe on Him that they might be with Him in heaven.

The question again, you must answer it personally, “What on earth would you do for heaven’s sake?”