So, This Is 60...

Pam Pollock
August 2021

When I turned 19, I cried at work ALL.DAY.LONG. No, I'm serious. The boys up at Larry’s Truckstop teased me so much and told me that the government would probably change the rules and make women aged 19 register for the draft and I freaked out because clearly I am not military material.

When I turned 30, I wasn't thrilled. Same with 40. Same with 50. Age 55 freaked me out because my Grandma Grace literally dropped dead about 4-5 days after she turned 55. Bad memories linger and fear settled in.

And so, I turned 60 two weeks ago, and you know what? I embraced it. I can handle that I am no longer a skinny-minny. I can handle the wrinkles and body aches. I am just thankful to be alive, when I was 10 years old, I got really, really sick. I had been sick all my life, but in early Oct. of 1971, I ended up in the hospital. The doctors were mystified as to what was making me sick. They ran all kinds of tests (and that's where I get my extreme fear of needles, doctors, and hospitals) and finally Dr. Bashline walked by and peeked in the microscope and said that I had allergies. 10 years of allergy shots ensued.

I'm beyond blessed and thankful for the outpouring of love from my friends and family on my 60th birthday! My family utterly spoiled me.

I'm SIXTY, folks. 50 years ago, the Dr. said that if they didn't figure out what was wrong with me, I would not make it to Christmas. I'll take 60, warts and all...

My friend Debby told me yesterday, "You are your own person now, you're authentic."

She's right. In school, I always wanted to be a cool kid. I was not.

When MY kids were in school, I wanted to be a cool Mom and a member of the Cool Mom clique group. I was not.

For years, I wanted to be a part of the cool journalists clique group. I was not - and now I scoff at the pompous a-holes.

I am me. I can be loud, obnoxious, and very inappropriate. I will sometimes have conversations with total strangers, and I compliment people about random things. I can also be so shy sometimes that I hide when I see someone in the grocery store because I just can't handle talking to anyone.

I am stubborn. I am overly emotional, and I have zero patience. I can't read directions, or a road map and I get lost sooo easily. I speak my mind and will tell just about anyone off - I'm looking at you, Richard Petty.

I will defend the underdog and you best never say anything about my family or friends.

I'm quirky. I'm weird. I'm me and me is happy to be 60.