​Smith Transport’s Unveils Its New Veteran Honor Guard Fleet

February 2020

Smith Transport, headquartered in Roaring Spring, PA, was founded in 1982. Their distinctive black truck, black trailer combinations has made them one of the most easily recognized fleets in the country.

In 2017 the company formed the Defenders of Freedom team to recognize the more than 175 driving veterans in their fleet. In mid-January, company President and CEO, Todd Smith and Founder/Board Chairman, Barry F. Smith unveiled something new at Smith Transport. They have now created a Veteran Honor Guard Fleet that is made up of white 2020 Freightliner Cascadiascreated to celebrate and honor all veterans past, present, and future.

The first of six full wrapped trucks arrived in mid-January and when the Veteran Honor Guard Fleet is completed, it will also have 18 additional trucks that will boast the company’s Defender of Freedom logo. This fleet will be located within the company’s Bedford Dedicated Account and will be driven by veterans in the fleet.


Kevin Warner, Chip Costello, Caleb Mayes, Gordon Lonsinger, Mark McGeary, Tim McKellar

Katie Quinton, Annette Snyder, Danny Pepple, Deb Hardeman, Rob Ryan, Job Jacobs, Travis Elms

Barry Smith, Smith Transport Founder/Board Chairman and Todd Smith, President and CEO are proud to announce the unveiling of Smith Transport’s new Veteran Honor Guard trucks. T