Roadmaster Tires: Engineered to Handle Everything Along the Way

November 2022

For more than 15 years the Roadmaster brand has been dedicated to helping fleets reach their destination regardless of the application or length of the road. Roadmaster understands the challenges that vehicles face on the roads of North America and that knowledge is woven into every tire that bears the Roadmaster name. Overtime, the Roadmaster brand has expanded its portfolio to reach nearly every trucking application, from long haul to regional, from mixed service to pick-up and delivery, and most recently, school bus applications. No matter where your journey takes you, Roadmaster has the tires to get you there!

Drivers and fleets can rest assured that Roadmaster tires are Engineered to Handle Everything Along the Way. Roadmaster tires are engineered in North America for North American roads and specifically designed to maximize performance and increase durability regardless of the application.

“The entire Roadmaster lineup has been designed and engineered to deliver quality and value with a specific focus on the total cost of ownership,” said Jason Miller, National Fleet Solutions Development Manager for Cooper and Roadmaster. “Tires, fleets and situations may be different, but the Roadmaster way means approaching every challenge with a low cost of ownership mentality. Our goal is to deliver quality and value at every stop along the road, no matter where your journey may take you.”

Here are some of the places you’ll find Roadmaster tires hard at work:

•Long haul – Roadmaster long haul tires provide retreadabilty and extended treadwear to help lower your cost per mile. Not to mention plenty of traction in adverse weather conditions.

•Regional – Roadmaster regional tires are durable, reliable and excel at handling frequent stopping, accelerating and turning. They also feature advanced traction technology for all conditions.

•Mixed Services – Roadmaster mixed services tires are designed for heavy-duty performance on and off-road.

•Pick-up & Delivery – the Roadmaster pick-up and delivery tires provide long tread life and deliver the traction you require.

•Bus – Roadmaster school bus tires are designed to handle all types of road conditions and include curb guards to protect the sidewalls.

All Roadmaster tires are built with quality and end-use performance in mind. Using an innovative four-belt construction, Roadmaster tires are built to optimize performance, durability and retreadability of the tire. Roadmaster tires use a fuel-efficient tread compound and a cool running base compound to minimize rolling resistance and maximize fuel efficiency. Roadmaster tires are made tough with high tensile steel belts, reinforced steely body ply and a robust lower casing construction. To ensure our tires will get you to your destination they are x-rayed and uniformity-tested to delivery performance and reliability. Roadmaster tires are also backed by a limited warranty program to deliver the durability that drivers and fleet owners expect. To learn more about the warranty details, reach out to a Roadmaster sales associate. This recipe means a quality product that fleets and drivers can depend on.

Each Roadmaster tire that carries the Energy Max (EM) symbol has been SmartWay Verified for low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency. The premium fuel-efficient tread compound coupled with Roadmaster’s robust casing help provide a durable and fuel-efficient tire that translates into fuel savings.

Roadmaster also offers a full range of SmartWay verified tires. These tires meet the program’s stringent low-rolling resistance criteria, helping to reduce fuel consumption, lowering operating expenses and benefiting the environment. Roadmaster is proud to be a SmartWay partner and help the program eliminate CO2, reduce oil consumption and deliver fuel efficiency for the trucking industry.

Roadmaster also offers 24/7 emergency roadside tire replacement and repair for eligible commercial trucking fleets enrolled in the Roadmaster national account program. Benefits of the program include national servicing dealer network, nationwide emergency roadside service (some restrictions apply), centralized pricing and direct billing and a standard tire and service price from coast to coast. To learn more, email the Roadmaster team for details.

“Roadmaster has been delivering durable, quality tires for drivers and fleets for years now and the knowledge we’ve picked up along the way has been woven into every tire we make,” said Miller. “Roadmaster takes the promise to ‘get you there’ seriously and we act accordingly, building quality tires, maximizing fuel efficiency and durability, so your long journeys always end were they’re supposed to.”

To learn more about Roadmaster tires visit You can also reach out with questions or to request a consultation by emailing [email protected].

No matter where your journey takes you, Roadmaster has the tires to get you there!