Resurrection Crowning Moment In Christ’s Life

Robert Harris
March 2022

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cardinal teaching of the New Testament, and it is the crowning piece of the life of Christ.

While Jesus was on earth, He met many people who opposed Him.  Some who were open and some who were secretly against Him.  However, He went on to victory and he won out in the end.

Even at the time of his Resurrection, His enemies tried to defeat His cause by saying to the soldiers who were supposed to be guarding the tomb, “If you will tell the world His disciples came and stole Him by night while we slept, we’ll get you off the hook and no harm will come to you.”

The soldiers would have been put to death had they been caught sleeping at the post, so they had a plea bargain, and they came out and thus they gave that witness to the world.  And all that the enemies of Jesus had to do was to present the body of Jesus Christ.  Of course, they could not do that.  If they were trying to disclaim the Resurrection of Christ and could not produce the dead body of Christ, then they would have stopped this tremendous and powerful teaching.

If you would have accepted the witness of these soldiers, you find that to be folly.  No court in that day nor in this day would take a witness from men who were asleep when the action was going on.  Yes, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.