Quentin Green - Gregory Green - Green & Sons, LLC

Robert Conrad
March 2023

Family is very important to Quentin Green, and Green & Sons, LLC always treats their customers like family - offering top notch service on small jobs as well as big projects. They are  based in Litchfield, CT, and are a family owned and operated excavation company taking a great deal of pride in their work, trucks, and machinery.

Quentin Green says it was always a dream of his & his father's to build a truck in honor of his grandfather, "Pop". Quentin describes "Pop" as a family man, mentor, and hero who laid the foundation and he's the reason they are where they are today!

Quentin and his father reached out to Kyle Pelletier & his crew from Truck Builders of CT to turn the truck project for "Pop" into a reality. They accomplished the special build with flying colors, as this 2004 T-800 KW dump truck became a rolling tribute to "Pop's" passions for construction, entrepreneurship, family, and putting smiles on the faces of the people he met.

"Pop" Green always said, "A truck isn't just something you drive, it's much, much more." This handsome KW is powered by a C-15 CAT that's paired with an 18 speed. Truck Builders of CT repainted the cab and removed the body in order to sandblast and paint the frame. A new Brandon 18" dump body was installed, along with a custom cab shield with backlit name box, and custom fenders with backlit logos & engraving. A new bumper was installed up front, along with a bowtie visor, window chops, and 12 Gauge mirror brackets.

Inside the truck, Truck Builders installed custom embroidered seats and glitter knobs with custom logos. Custom stainless steps and new fuel tanks were also added. This KW can certainly light up the night thanks to new headlights, extra roof lights up top, backlighting, and custom green under glow. In fact all of the lighting is dual revolution, going to green at the flip off a switch.

This KW is no garage queen, since it works daily in the dirt and on sites for Green & Sons. One things for certain, it represents Green & Sons, LLC and especially "Pop" no matter where Quentin takes it! Movin' Out salutes the Green family and their generations of hard work & outstanding service, by choosing them as our March Working Show Truck of the Month.