Quality Of Life At All-Time Low

Robert Harris
November 2020

 We are living in a day when people are joining the Church at a rapid rate.  I suppose there are more Church members who have united with the Church in our day than at any time in history.

Yet, upon examination, we find the quality of life at an all-time low.  Seldom can you find a person who has high standards, who has taken the Bible as a handbook and a rule by which to live.  It forces us to ask the question, “Why do we see this on the horizon?”  The answer is repentance is not being preached or if it is preached, the people who are listening are not practicing what they are hearing.

This is a day when man professes a faith and goes right ahead doing the same old things, he has done all of his life.  He has joined the Church, but nothing has happened in the way of a changed life.  Conversion without repentance is like trying to treat a patient who doesn’t know he is sick.

First, we must be convinced of our sins before we can see the need for a savior.  When we see the seriousness of our sins, we will be willing to forsake them and come to the Savior and find rest, forgiveness and the peace that He has promised.  But not until we repent can we have faith to believe.  Just to change the situation as a state of mind is not enough.  We must have a transformation of heart.  When repentance is preached and practiced, conversion will become a reality.