Niels Mortensen – “Truckismo”

Steve Pollock
December 2022

O’FALLON, MO…. At the age of 56, Niels Mortensen has driven nearly 4 million miles, in a career that has spanned 35 years,  What an incredible feat!  Niels stated, “I will make 4 million in the next 12 months.”

Niels trucking career began after the mental health hospital where he worked closed.  Within hours of getting his Chauffer’s License, Niels landed his first job delivering brand new trucks, which he did for 3 years before entering the open deck industry.  Niels has been an Owner-Operator for over 20 years and has been leased to Trans-United for almost 16 years.  He said that he is looking forward to the next 15 years with Trans-United.

Niels pulls a Triaxle Stepdeck, a Low Pro Conestoga Stepdeck with tarping system, as well as RGN and Stretch   RGN Trailers with his 2006 Western Star.  He does everything from legal loads to super loads that are over 15ft tall and 15ft wide, running all 48 states and Canada.  Niels said, “I can stay out as little or as long as I like.  Trans-United gives me the tools I need to succeed.  It is a great place to be,  I am very happy here.  Many of our Owner-Operators have been leased to the company for 15 to 20 years and Company Drivers for 7+ years.  The work is not for everybody, but if you are up to the challenge, the rewards are great, both personally and financially. 

Our slogan is “Truckismo”, which means the can-do spirit of getting the job done and the pride in doing things that other companies can’t or won’t do."   Trans-United has done away with a lot of the problems with trucking,  I know what my schedule will be and when I will be done working.” Trans-United strives to make the life of the driver easier by taking on the time consuming and expensive aspects of being an owner operator. Some of these include a program that allows Owner Operators to earn free plates, a fuel card with great discounts and a full service shop that provides discounts on parts and shop work. Trans-United also has a team of account managers working to bring In freight direct from customers to avoid middleman brokers as much as possible.

Niels is one of four Driving Ambassadors at Trans-United.  The group participates in regular discussions and annual meetings with management to address driver issues. Over-the-road drivers have a unique experience and are often not appreciated in the trucking industry. Trans-United wants to support drivers and believe the best way to do this is by collaborating with the drivers themselves. It has been found that offering drivers an opportunity to speak their mind, while listening to and implementing their ideas, is the best way to support them for the long-haul.

Niels participated in the Freedom Convoy held this past spring and has been featured on Newsmax several times for his insight into the transportation industry.  His thoughts on trucking, “I remember when it used to take 2-3 phone calls just to buy fuel and now the technology has made things a lot faster and easier.  I like the electronic logs.” Trans-United enjoys the use of technology when It makes trucking safer and better. Some of the recent advancements Include Installing blind spot cameras and forward only facing dash cams to protect our drivers In case of an Incident. No driver facing cameras are used and there Is no Intention of ever Installing them.

When asked about his stellar driving record, Niels replied, “I am my own biggest critic.  I am always questioning and second guessing how I do things.  I am thinking of how to do them better, whether driving or securing a load.  I keep an ample following distance to give me time to react.  I also check my load and equipment every time I stop.”

Niels lives in O’Fallon, Missouri with his wife Dana, who works for the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce.  The couple has a son Nickolas, who has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and works at a hospital in St. Louis.

Trans-United offers percentage pay to their Owner-Operators and Company Drivers with some Company Drivers earning up to 130K per year.  Flatbed Drivers, Owner-Operators, and Company Drivers are welcome at Trans-United, where there is plenty of freight for the drivers. Owner-Operators can bring their own trailer or pull a company trailer. If  you are interested in O.D. work, Trans-United will train you to do Stepdeck, RGN, Conestoga, and Stretch Super Loads. For additional information, call 877-384-3312.