Michel "Banana" Racette/Transport South Bec Express

Robert Conrad
December 2017

Our neighbors to the north in the great country of Canada take trucking very seriously and have a great deal of pride in their equipment. This can be seen in the fantastic owner-operator rigs as well as the company trucks that come across the border into the U.S.

Transport South Bec Express Inc is one company whose trucks set the standard for looking good as they roll down the interstate! From their modest start in 2001 with 1 truck, a 1999 KW T-600, they have grown steadily over the past 16 years. They purchased Transport P. Belanger in 2014, and moved into their current location in the picturesque town of Bedford, Quebec, Canada. Now in October 2017, the South Bec fleet is made up of 40 trucks, 50 flatbeds, and 3 reefer trailers.

South Bec hauls all types of loads including general freight, lumber, building materials, metal coils, paper products, and logs. Company driver Michel Racette, or "Banana" as he's more affectionately known on the CB radio and around the company yard, represents South Bec with class and has been working for them since 2004. "Banana" likes to make people laugh and he enjoys attending various truck shows with the 2007 KW W-900L that he drives for South Bec. This KW is actually one of the oldest trucks in the company fleet with over 700,000 miles on it. It was purchased with the stunning color you see in our pictures and Michel wouldn't let the owner repaint it in the standard company colors of blue or orange. He stands out along with his shining KW both on the highway and at the truck shows he attends. Features on the truck include a custom front bumper, a drop visor, painted window chops, and the VIT interior package from KW with a wooden steering wheel, wood accents, and plenty of chrome trim. This is one truck that has plenty of "go" to accompany the show, thanks to the 550 CAT engine that's been equipped with twin turbo chargers. Now it pushes out over 700 horsepower and 1,850 feet of torque when "Banana" shifts thru the gears in the 18-speed transmission!

If you get a chance to meet Michel "Banana" Racette in person and see his stunning company KW, you'll see why they are both standouts! Movin' Out would like to salute Michel Racette, along with Transport South Bec Express, with our choice for them as our December Working Show Truck of the Month. Michel, "C'est une camion tres magnifique!"