Matt Riggle/Paul Riggle & Sons

Robert Conrad
July 2017

This month we find ourselves in the midst of another summer season and this is the time of the year to make sure your truck is looking its best before hitting the highway. The PA -based company of our featured Working Show Truck this month has been doing just that for over 40 years and their trucks are some of the finest on the road. Matt Riggle started driving trucks when he was just 18 and still in senior high school. His passion for trucks and trucking comes from his grandfather, Paul Riggle (Snook) and his father, Patrick Riggle. Matt would go to school during the day, then attend his wrestling practices & matches, and then haul steel coils locally around the Apollo, PA area for Paul Riggle & Sons Trucking.

He soon realized a trucking career was what he wanted. Matt's father, Patrick Riggle is the President and owner of Paul Riggle & Sons Trucking and P&B

Transportation. He got Matt into the drivers seat making those local "high school" deliveries when he was 18. In just 5 short years Matt has stepped into the seat of his current ride, which is beyond cool! The truck is a 2015 Peterbilt 389 glider that Matt and his uncle, Mark Riggle built together. They took an Acert MSX and deleted the twin turbos, replacing them with a single turbo and a 615-rebuild kit. The motor is painted medium grey to match the base color on the truck and it runs as good as it looks! The truck was ordered with a 309" wheelbase from the factory and the medium grey is accented with Redfire metallic stripes. Mark Boyer, from Boyer Graphics, put the finishing touches on the truck by hand painting all of the pin striping and Von Dutch around the truck.

Matt wanted to mention Chase Shiver from RLK who did all of the custom stainless work on the truck including the cab & bunk panels, front & back air cleaner blanks, and the rear center panel. Matt's Peterbilt has also been fitted with a Midwest sheet metal visor. He said the truck was built in honor of his grandfather, and even though he was a die-hard KW guy, he appreciated a cool ride when he saw one. Matt pays tribute to his grandfather and his legacy with the custom dash plaque in the truck that says, " Custom Built For Paul Riggle - Snook." Matt Riggle is carrying on the Riggle Trucking legacy that began back in 1976. The Riggle fleet grew to over 100 trucks in the mid 2000's, but when times got tough, they downsized to their current fleet of approximately 50 trucks. Matt has certainly come a long way in just 5 years and he credits his father for helping him and standing behind him every step of the way. He wanted to thank his father, first and foremost, saying that without him he wouldn't be driving this awesome Peterbilt 389. Matt says he enjoys meeting people who met his grandfather, or knew of him, and listening to their stories about him. Matt's best memory to date was traveling across 78 towards Allentown around 2 AM. He was talking on channel 19 to another Riggle driver when a voice chimed in to over the airwaves. Matt said they were talking about the glory days with over 100 trucks in the fleet and the other gentleman said: "you must be talking about those Riggle Boys. They have the cleanest, nicest trucks I've ever seen running the East. Sure is nice to hear you boys are still out and about." This certainly brought a smile to Matt's face, and comments like that are why he always leaves the company yard shining in his 389. Moving Out salutes the Riggle Trucking family and Matt Riggle on their incredible history, service in the trucking industry, and their fleet of one sharp truck after another! Matt Riggle's 389 is a prime example of how Paul Riggle & Sons Trucking rolls!