​Many People Tend To Dream Their Lives Away

October 2018

John Wesley had an experience once when a Quaker wrote to the Methodist and said, “I have had a dream concerning thee. I thought I saw thee surrounded with a large flock of sheep, which thou didst not know what to do with. My first thought, when I awoke, was that it was thy flock at Newcastle, and that thou hadst no house of worship for them. I have endorsed a note for one hundred pounds, which may help thee to provide one. A Quaker to a Methodist.”

When dreams are truly from God, they indicate we should help others. If the dream is selfish and for self-glorification, then God is not in it.

Some people have dreams because they overeat. Others because they overwork.

Thanks be unto God as Joseph in the Old Testament was an interrupter of dreams, so Christ is in our time.

Many a man misses what god has for him in the workshop of life because he dreams away his life and he never attaches blood and flesh to his dream and hence nothing happens.

Many people want the sweet, few people are willing to sweat. But the sweet must have the sweat if it is to be genuine and if it is to come from God.

Read the Bible and don’t ever forget it, dreams come because of the business of the day.

Jesus said, “I must work the woks of him that sent me, while it is day, the night cometh when no man can work.”