Man Is Still Searching For Peace

Robert Harris
September 2021

The words “peace” and “piece” sound much alike but they are far apart.  The word “peace” means collected, settled, having all ill-at-easeness removed and having calmness in spirit, a calm after the storm.  Peace is settlement down within the heart.

The word “piece” simply means a particle.  The world is filled with slogans about “peace”, including peace with God, peace with man and peace with oneself.  The only problem is they can’t get the peace they are looking for.

It does not come through the channels the average person is following.  Before man can have “peace” with man, he must have “peace” with God.  So long as men are in pieces, as pieces of pie or pieces of a broken mirror, there is no “peace” for them.

How are we brought together?  We are brought together in Christ.  We are unified by His Spirit.  The commandment of Jesus is to love one another and to do good to them who despitefully use you.  As opportunities arise, give it the very best.  Do everything as if you were doing it directly to the Lord.  Then the pieces of the puzzle will be put into the “peaceful” picture you have been looking for.