Make The Most Of Today

Robert Harris
April 2020

 We hear of all kinds of schemes, plans and projected offered to us for better living, only to find out that people do not grow better, rather, they grow worse.

It has been said, that for better living, a man should fancy his deathbed and its profits and how you spend your time and how you live.  In the light of death’s candle, what would you do?  If you knew at the end of this present day that you would go out of this world into the next, what would you itemize as being the most important?

This kind of investigation is what produces the best of life.  There are many things we would leave undone, there are other things we would go out and do immediately if we knew this day would be our last.  It is positively true that when you came into this world you brought nothing with you, and it is likewise true that when you leave this world you are not going to take anything out with you.  And if you think on these things too much, they can become a bit depressing until you ask yourself the question, “Why live anyway?”

If I brought nothing with me, and if I’m going to take nothing out, why live in this thing called life?  The answer to that is no what you brought – nor what you take out, but what it is that you are going to leave for the next generation.  Will you build a bridge over the troubled water you had to cross, or will you leave the future generations to work it out for themselves?