Loud and Proud - Inaugural Unc’s Semi Stampede

Pam Pollock
August 2023

The Inaugural Unc’s Semi Stampede was held on June 30-July 2 at the Kuhnle Motorsports Park in Thompson, Ohio. Drivers from all across the USA and Canada brought their trucks for the chance to bring home the glory and the trophy.  Unc’s Semi Stampede is Ohio’s first Quebec-style Big Rig Drag Racing Event. 58 trucks were pre-registered for the event.

The weather did not fully cooperate, but the races were held rain or shine – and trust me, the rain was torrential on Sunday, July 2nd!  But the crowds still lined the raceway and cheered on their favorites. 

There was a little bit of something for all ages at Unc’s Semi Stampede: Joe Sylvester’s MAYHEIM Monster Truck was offering rides, NAST had a truck show in the parking lot, and there was a vendors row and food trucks.  Musical entertainment was provided in the evenings.

Unc’s Semi Stampede was created in honor and memory of Kim “Unc” Kuhnle, who died in January 2022.  “Unc” and his brother Thomas purchased trucks in 1963 and established Kuhnle Bros. Trucking in 1966.

Unc’s Semi Stampede Winners List:

A Class Bobtail: 1st- Michael Jeanson; 2nd - Sylvain Noel; 3rd - Travis Van Kessel; 4th  - Martin Lalonde; 5th - Marcus Balentine

A Class Loaded: 1st - Sylvain Noel; 2nd - Martin Lalonde; 3rd - Michael Jeanson; 4th - Chops Hernandez ; 5th - Joe Mosher

B Class Bobtail: 1st - Laverne Zimmerman ; 2nd - Joe Baehr; 3rd - Justin Nevius; 4th - Barclay Stewart; 5th- Don Grant

B Class Loaded: 1st - Lavern Zimmerman; 2nd - Justin Nevius; 3rd - Barclay Stewart. 4th - Eric Lachaine; 5th- Brian Carey II

C Class Bobtail: 1st - Andre DeSantis; 2nd- Neal Dams; 3rd - Dave Bradshaw; 4th - Tyler Gallagher; 5th - Sylvain Naud

C Class Loaded: 1st - Dave Bradshaw; 2nd - Andre Dagenais; 3rd - Allain Dallaire; 4th - Neal Dams; 5th - Ernie Woodhouse

C Mechanical Bobtail: 1st- Adam Devine; 2nd - Arnold Knaggs; 3rd - Justin Middaugh

C Mechanical Loaded: 1st - Steven Householder; 2nd - Arnold Knaggs; 3rd- Terry Wexel

Free For All Loaded: 1st - Michael Jeanson; 2nd - Eric Lachaine ; 3rd- Lavern Zimmerman