​Look At The Stars… See How They Shine For You...

Pam Pollock
February 2017

I hope that Coldplay doesn’t care that I borrowed a portion of their song lyrics from “Yellow” but it describes the emotions that I felt the night my daughter was in labor with my grandson. It was snowing and cold and I stood outside and gazed up into the sky, sending all of my love and energy to my firstborn child as she was laboring with her third child and first son. The stars were shining brightly and I sang to my soon-to-be-born grandson. I sang of the stars and how much I loved him already.

It was a long night for my daughter and her husband. Declan James arrived on January 6, 2017 at 7:29 am weighing 7 lb. 5 oz. and measuring 19.5” long.

When my daughter placed that little boy in my arms several hours later, it was love at first sight. Declan snuggled into my neck and I think we both sighed with contentment.

His entourage arrived soon after – his two older sisters had been eagerly awaiting this moment. They held their little brother, kissed him, caressed his tiny fingers. His eyes popped open as soon as he heard their squeaky voices. I imagine that Declan was thinking, “So this is what you look like. I have been listening to you for months and now I finally get to see you!”

It’s been 15 days since the birth of Declan. He’s a wonderful addition to our Clan. He’s pretty mellow for the most part but it will interesting to see how he sticks up for himself when he’s a wee bit older – those big sisters of his are used to running the show.

I can’t give you silver and gold, Declan – but I can give you my heart, which is bursting with love and pride. I can take you on imaginative “adventures” and walks in the woods. I can lay on an old quilt with you in the evening as we watch the sunset. And later, we can gaze up at the sky and I will tell you about the day you were born as we look at the stars. I will remind you that those stars are shining just for you - because you brighten our lives just like those twinkling stars.