Lonely Road May Be Only Road

Robert Harris
July 2022

Jesus taught that a person should go into a closet and shut the door and pray to the Father, which in secret and the Father who seeth in secret, Himself shall reward thee openly.

So many people fail in the public because they were failures in the closet. The closet is a lonely place.  With the door shut, it is a dark place.  Nevertheless, the choices of the closet are worthy of consideration. 

Leaders, most of the time, live lonely lives.  They must have that solitude in order to form and shape their minds and bring their bodies into action.

Before Jesus called his twelve Disciples, he spent the night alone in prayer.  Many times the lonely road is the only road.  The Christian life is described as being a straight gate and a narrow way, but it also says that this gate and this way leads to life everlasting. 

The broadcast and broadcasted way leads only to destruction.  So the choices of the closet are much better than the luck that is found in the world.  Christian life is not a life of luck.  Christian life is a life of faith.  A man believes God and as he believes, he moves into action.  His actions bring to pass the perfect will of God and he feels the sense of accomplishment.