​Let Your Light Shine…

Pam Pollock
February 2020

Over the years I have been late to the game in getting my Christmas tree up and decorated. My husband always gets the outdoors lights up before I am finally motivated to march up into the attic and haul down the tree and boxes of decorations.

I also procrastinate about undecorating after the holidays are over and usually the tree and the lights are still up in February. I kind of set a record for myself this year, the tree was up on December 11th (of course my husband had the outside lights up before then) and everything was removed exactly a week ago and has been relegated to its usual spot in the attic until next year.

I absolutely LOVE the illumination of the Christmas season. I actually wish that we could leave the outside lights up all through the year. I love to drive around at night, see the lights shining and glowing, especially if they are peeking out of a fresh snowfall.

This past Christmas season a new indoor lights festival made its debut in Pittsburgh. Lumaze featured a MILLION twinkling, sparkling lights in interactive light gardens and illuminated structures. There were even these cool drinks in light bulb glasses that also glowed!

We made the sojourn to Lumaze three days before Christmas and while there was no snow outside, the atmosphere was quite delightful inside. Children and adults alike enjoyed running through what I can only describe as a winter wonderland forest of lights. I confess to doing some hopping and jumping on the lighted hopscotch discs. An enchanted forest of glowing white trees, a sleigh so lit with lights that Santa wouldn’t need Rudolph to guide him and a carriage with noble steeds were just some of the dazzling displays. An indoor playground for the kids to blow off some steam, live entertainment and vendors offering food, drink and wares of all kinds made the Lumaze experience more enjoyable for the entire family.

Sadly, the lights have been switched off for the year at Lumaze, too. But I find myself going back to look at my photos from this enchanting afternoon. In a time where there is so much turmoil and stress in this old world, it is heartwarming to have my life lifted by the glow of lights.

Let YOUR light shine, people, let if shine. It doesn’t have to be a million lights – even just one single light can spark others and soon the world can be shimmering and illuminating!

Lumaze has locations in the United States in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Seattle, Washington as well as numerous displays in Canada. For more information, visit https://www.lumazelights.com/.