Koch Trucking – Committed to Safety, Respect, Excellence & Innovation

January 2023

At Koch Trucking, investing in our employees and the next generation of transportation professionals is one of our top priorities. We empower our employees by acquiring the latest equipment and technology, updating our facilities, recognizing their dedication to the company, and making sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. We also know that it is important to inspire the next generation to join the industry, so we provide free education for our technicians, invest in programs to educate students choosing a profession, and work to broaden the scope of who can be in the industry. Safety, respect, excellence, and innovation are values that have helped us provide a culture to our employees that is second to none.

We have put equipment and technology at the forefront of empowering our drivers and support staff. Most of our fleet is comprised of 2020 or newer tractors with the latest safety and load-tracking technology. This allows our drivers to stay safe on the road while providing a seamless experience for our customers. In addition, our drivers feel seen and appreciated when they get to sit behind the wheel of a brand new decked out tractor with all the comforts of home. This even includes a brand-new iPad with a data plan free of charge to stay in contact with family and friends while on the road.

We realize that our drivers also need a safe and comfortable place to unwind when they aren’t rolling across the country to deliver a load. That’s why over the last year we have added two brand new drivers’ lounges in Ardmore, OK and Kansas City, MO. We have also made considerable updates to our Appling, GA facility and our locations around Minneapolis, MN. We plan to add more lounges and amenities in the near future. Our Property Manager and Senior Director of Technology Systems, Brandon Gammon says, “At Koch we are constantly looking for ways to improve the work environment for all our employees. I think it all starts with physical space that we can create for them. The details matter.” This not only makes the drivers’ time on the road more enjoyable but gives our support staff flexibility when scheduling and routing our drivers. On top of that, we have seen a much greater sense of community among our drivers who cook meals and share knowledge with each other at these locations.

We really want to retain the staff that we have. So, in addition to the best facilities and equipment, we take time to recognize major employee milestones and outstanding service. We celebrate safety and excellence at all levels of our organization, with our largest event being our annual Driver Recognition Banquet where we celebrate all our drivers of the month, driver of the year and our million milers. Year after year, we have drivers that achieve one or more million safe miles. This gives our support staff the ability to thank and appreciate the drivers that have gone above and beyond for the company. Koch would not be where it is today without the continued dedication of our incredible employees.

However, we know that people may retire or move on to other positions internal and externally. That’s why we put an emphasis on engaging the next generation of transportation professionals. We have a robust driver mentorship program where every new driver is assigned a mentor that will guide them through their new position and provide invaluable resources and tips to help them along the way.

We also have a technician training program in place to recruit new maintenance technicians. We pay for the school and tools and provide on the job training crucial to their success. Our maintenance technician, Thomas Onstead said “It worked out great. I’d go to school in the morning, and I worked nights at that time. And I’d still have time to do homework in my off time.”

In addition, we have partnered with the Next Generation in Trucking Association. They are a non-profit trade association with the mission to promote trucking as a career field. Not only are they looking for the next generation of drivers, but also the next generation of technicians to keep drivers on the road. Our Senior HR Manager, Sarah Berkholtz says “One of the most important things that we can do when it comes to the transportation industry as a whole and it’s future is encourage young people to think about the transportation industry as a viable career option. That’s why Koch Companies partnership with NextGen Trucking is so valuable. NextGen Trucking’s mission of promoting trucking as a positive career field is in line with our goals of bringing transportation careers to the forefront and gives us an opportunity in partnership with NextGen Trucking to promote and educate high school age students on what it looks like to work in transportation, whether it is driving a truck, being a diesel mechanic, or as a dispatcher.” We look forward to our growing partnership.

As we enter 2023, we hope for another year where we can prioritize improving the resources and facilities available to our employees. By looking even further into the future, we hope to inspire the next generation to join this ever-changing and fast paced industry. We’ll continue to stay a full-service transportation and distribution leader by staying committed to safety, respect, excellence, and innovation in everything that we do.