Klint Auker/Steve Brugger Soil Products

Robert Conrad
April 2022

The Mack Superliner is definitely one of the most recognizable trucks ever produced. It combines the rugged good looks & dependable performance that Mack has built their reputation on over the years.

This 1990 Superliner tri-axle dump truck is owned by Steve Brugger Soil Products based in PA and it's a shining example of just how cool the Superliners were and still are!! This "dashing dog" started life as a rollback for a crane company and it was converted into a dump truck in 2008. The white base paint is accented perfectly by two tone blue stripes, and the Hewey dump body is polished to a mirror finish! A custom angle cut bumper sits up front, along with dual polished air cleaners and a set of 6" straight pipes.

The truck actually has 500,000 miles on the odometer and Klint Auker has been driving it part time for the past 10 years. Klint hauls topsoil to local dealers and to various schools & colleges for their athletic fields. Power comes from an E9 500 engine that's paired up with an 18 speed transmission. Steve Brugger has been in business for over 30 years and has a variety of trucks & equipment in his fleet, but this classic Mack is by far the coolest!!  Klint rolls in and out of the dirt on a daily basis, but he makes sure the wheels are always polished between deliveries!

This 1990 definitely lives up to its name of Superliner, looking ready for show or work thanks to the efforts of driver Klint Auker. Movin' Out would like to salute Klint for all of his efforts, by choosing him & Steve Brugger's Superdog as our April 2022 Working Show Truck of the Month.