​Josh Spiegel/Rolane Transportation

Robert Conrad
April 2017

"The Pride of the Fleet" is what Josh Spiegel calls his immaculate, grey & black 2000 Kenworth W-900L. Josh runs Rolane Transportation, based in Brockton, MA, along with his father Neal Spiegel who owns the company. Rolane Transportation is a container hauling company, transporting import and export commodities with their sharp looking fleet of grey & black trucks.

This particular truck was green when they purchased it, but they went thru the entire truck adding custom features and painting it the Rolane fleet colors. Josh said they changed all of the lights to LED's, added a 13 1/2" drop visor, a lighted 22" front bumper, and a louvered grille. The cab also features ribbed, stainless half fenders, a custom taillight panel, and window chops on both the driver and passenger doors. The air horns have been removed from the roof, extra roof lights were added, and a set of train horns installed.

The truck was originally driven by Matt Spiegel who is Josh's younger brother. Matt has moved on to another truck in the Rolane fleet, but he always kept this W-900 looking its best, thanks to a helping hand from his son Tyler. Tyler also enjoys going on the road with Matt and he just might follow in his footsteps some day.

Chris Davis is presently the daily driver of the truck now and he rarely leaves the company yard without having "his shine on"!

The entire Rolane fleet is a familiar sight on the roads of New England, and their classy trucks certainly turn heads.

With over 914,000 miles on it, this 2000 Kenworth seems to be getting better with age. It's certainly gotten better looking since Josh and the boys at Rolane purchased it! Power to haul those containers comes from a 6NZ 550 CAT engine that's paired with an 18-speed transmission and a set of super 40's for the rears. Josh helps keep the entire Rolane fleet rolling, running the day-to-day operations, but he still goes out on the road as well. When he does, his "borrows" the truck from Chris Davis, and Josh still enjoys sitting in the custom, black diamond-tuck interior making his deliveries on time.

He loves the look of the "old school" trucks and the Rolane trucks are definitely patterned after their trucking forefathers. Josh wanted to thank his dad, Neal Spiegel, for all of his love and support throughout the years. He also wanted to thank his wife for always being there for him along with his kids. In fact, his son Braeden helps out at the company garage, cleaning the trucks with his dad when he gets the chance. Some of our readers just might remember Josh Spiegel and his son Braeden, since they were featured a few years ago with Rolane's Peterbilt roll-off in our Working Show Truck of the Month article. Here we are in April of 2017, with another Rolane ride sporting that same spotless shine!

Movin' Out salutes the Josh & Neal Spiegel, and the entire crew at Rolane Transportation for all of their hard work and for representing the trucking industry with class on every delivery they make!