​Jesus Christ: Handyman To Humanity’s Broken Souls

Robert Harris
November 2019

A little boy made this statement one day: “If there’s anything broken in heaven, when my Grandpa gets there, he’ll fix it.” That grandfather had instilled in the mind of that child his ability to put together things that had gotten out of working order.

However, in this day and time, instead of trying to fix a broken item, people throw everything away. And it is said of the American economy that Americans throw away enough in the trash can every day to feed half the world. Rather than trying to use that which is a little of cause, we just discard it.

In the business of a Christian life, that is what Jesus Christ does. He knows how to fix things. He knows how to take the wicked and make him righteous.

The beautiful thing is as we allow God to fix us, it makes an impact unto others.

This child who made the statement had watched his grandfather fix many things and even after he had died, the little boy, standing at his casket, said, “If there’s anything broken up in heaven, when my grandfather gets there, he’ll fix it.”

And if there’s anything mixed up in your life – if Jesus Christ can get there – he will fix it.