Jeffrey Henry/ J&D Henry

Robert Conrad
June 2023

For Jeffrey Henry, trucking & potato hauling run hand in hand and he's the 3rd generation potato hauler in the Henry family, proudly following in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather. His grandfather celebrated his 82nd birthday but he still gets behind the wheel and hauls potatoes when he's looking for something to do!

Jeff's truck is this red hot 1989 Peterbilt 379 that has over 1.5 million miles on it but looks as good as new thanks to the work he & his father put into it. They installed a newer CAT C-15 Acert motor with twin turbosthat boosted both the performance and the fuel mileage. In fact, Jeff and his dad completely restored this polished potato hauler over a 2 year span, replacing almost everything on the truck. The body, frame, and interior were the only original things left on this '89 and they decided to tackle painting it after the mechanical upgrades were completed. Jeff says that they removed everything from the truck, started sanding, and even did their own bodywork - embarking on a job that neither of them had ever done before. Jeff and his dad worked 12+ hour days for almost 3 weeks, painting and then reassembling the truck one piece at a time. The end results are amazing for a couple of guys that didn't have much body work experience, showing that teamwork & determination are sometimes all that you need to get the job done!

Jeff says that once they had the truck back together, he took it on its maiden voyage to Florida to load potatoes, and he been hauling them ever since with this fine 379! With its bright red paint and just enough chrome & chicken lights, this is one sharp combination that gets Jeffrey Henry plenty of second looks out on the highway. Movin' Out salutes Jeffrey & his father for all of their hard work on the truck, as they take us into Summer with this red hot 379!