James "Tatt2" DeSimone & Maragliano Trucking

Robert Conrad
January 2018

As we head into 2018, another holiday season is in the rear view mirror and Santa Claus has made his deliveries for another Christmas!

If Santa was delivering presents to all of the good boys and girls in a truck of his choice, he just might choose to borrow Maragliano Trucking's 2017 International Lone Star. This shining star from the Maragliano fleet would definitely be a fitting truck to deliver presents with, but James DeSimone probably wouldn't want to part with it! James, or "Tatt2", as his friends call him, is the dedicated driver of this company truck, which is part of the Maragliano fleet of 7 tractor-trailers delivering trench shoring equipment for their parent company, American Shoring.

Maragliano has branches in Shrewsbury, MA, Newburgh, NY, and Joppa, MD and James makes sure that "his" Lone Star is shining bright for each trip he makes. The truck's bright red paint is accented by just the right amount of bling. From the massive grille and bumper up front to the straight pipes and polished headache rack / toolbox combo behind the cab, the truck is definitely an attention - getter! The battery boxes, fuel tanks, and rear fenders have been wrapped in red to match the cab, giving the truck a unique and stylish look. Power comes from a 600 HP Cummins engine that's paired with an 18-speed transmission and 46,000# heavy spec axles.

James has been driving trucks for over 20 years, including the past 7 with Maragliano Trucking, and his job is definitely his passion. He enjoys bringing the truck to various truck shows and parades when time allows and his family always gives him plenty of help getting it show ready! He wanted to thank them for all of their love and support and also Maragliano Trucking for giving him such a cool ride to drive.

Movin' Out would like to thank James "Tatt2" DeSimone & Maragliano Trucking for helping us kick off 2018 in style, as they both shine in our January Working Show Truck of the Month spotlight!