It Is The Little Things That Change Your Life

Robert Harris
July 2021

The average person is looking for one event to either get him up or get him down.  He missed this because he does not see the realism of life.

Some things happen suddenly, but ups and downs take to themselves a general form.  A little now and a little then.  It is like the drop of water wearing through marble and making its mark forever.

This is the reason that we need to pay attention to the little deeds in life.

In the commercial world, it is said that dollars are made by saving pennies.

In the commercial world also, especially among the stock markets, they weal with the sixty-fourth of one cent.  If they pay attention to the little things, you may be sure that in spiritual life, we would do well to pay attention to small things also.

Guard against the evils that tempt you along the paths of life. Never allow a little deed of wrong to come in.  You say, “But it is small…”  How much does it take to break a dam?  Not the whole gush of water, but one drop getting through a crevice will lead the way for the whole body of water that is in the back of it.

So, it is with the wrongdoings in life.  Now for the brighter side, the same thing is true.  You invest into life a good living every day.  Little deeds done in the name of Jesus Christ will receive great rewards.  It is the little things that make the difference in whether we stand or fall.