Individuality Is All Important

Robert Harris
September 2020

 An old saying goes, “Every tub sits on its own bottom,” which is another way of expressing that we are individuals in this world.

We are living in a day when they are trying to stamp out individualism and everybody wants to do things in a complicated manner.  When individualism goes, you can’t find anyone who has the answer, but you are put into the proverbial hamster cage that revolves but never gets anywhere.

The world did not come into being except by an individual God, “In the beginning God” and from Him all creation came into existence.  All the way through time, it has been individuals who have been in position of leadership.  Groups cannot lead.  It takes pioneers who are willing to face the roughs and the toughs and go ahead in the face of opposition at all costs.

When we try to do away with the individual, we seek to do away with the source of progress.  Every person is an important person with a gift and a talent from God.  He has a place in this world and God has a purpose for him.  We are to abide within our calling and stay in the place where God has placed us and do what we do as unto the Lord.  This is progress. It is the will of God that we prosper and be in health and that our spiritual life be aglow with the power and presence of our Lord.