Hobie Fisher/Dutch Transport

Robert Conrad
January 2017

This month we begin another new year with a new President-elect, and a long list of promises and changes that we'll have to wait on to see if they come to fruition. One thing that hasn't changed with the dawn of 2017 is Hobie Fisher's passion for trucking and his determination to keep doing what he loves to do. Hobie definitely has diesel running thru his veins, and even after 9 surgeries on his back and 3 surgeries on his neck, he stills loves getting into the driver's seat and hitting the highway.

Some of our readers may remember Hobie since he's been featured once before in our Working Show Truck of the Month article. He has a "new" truck since the last article, a 1998 Peterbilt 379, and is hauling for Dutch Transport based in New Holland, PA.

Hobie's Peterbilt is a company ride but he treats it as if it was his own and has convinced his boss, Marlin King, to add quite a few custom touches to it. Marlin helps run the Dutch Transport fleet of 7 trucks for his father Sam King who is the company owner. Their main haul is sheds and mini barns but Sam and Marlin got a new curtainside trailer for Hobie to pull with the '98 Pete. They also put a new driver's seat in the truck to alleviate any issues with his back and neck. Hobie wanted to mention that Marlin King is, by far, the fairest, kindest, and most honest boss he's ever had. He definitely wanted to send a big thank you out to both Marlin and Sam for giving him the opportunity to drive for Dutch Transport.

Hobie's '98 features a drop visor, old school headlights, a custom front bumper, polished 1/2 fenders, and a set of straight pipes. The truck has been stretched and lowered 6 inches and rides on a Peterbilt low air-leaf suspension & small rubber to accommodate the sheds and tall, oversized loads. Power comes from a 6NZ CAT engine that's paired with a 13 over transmission and a set of 3:33 rears.

Hobie said his mechanic John Menzer gets all the credit for keeping the old '98 on the road and running with the brand new trucks. Hobie also wanted to mention his daughter Jessica Fisher for all of her help and support throughout his trucking career.

While most people would have stopped trucking after having all of the surgeries that Hobie Fisher has had, his determination to keep doing what he loves keeps him getting into the driver's seat for Dutch Transport.

This month we salute Hobie Fisher and Dutch Transport for their hard work and outstanding service with our choice as the Working Show Truck of the Month. If you have a shed in your back yard, Hobie just might have delivered it to the retailer where you purchased it.