Hindrances Give Us Strength And Develop Us As We Grow

Robert Harris
May 2022

Many times, when a man is in a race, he has to leap over the goal line.  In the path before him are stumbling tones and barriers of all kinds.  We wonder sometimes when we would like to make more progress why we are met with so many hinderances.  The answer is that a lot of the time these hinderances simply give us strength and develop us – they are a part of life’s reality.

Many times, after we have gotten rid of all of the hinderances we are confronted with hang ups.  If we jump the fence, our coattail catches on the post, and we are not much better off.  Haven’t you had a lot of hang ups along the way?  What are we to do when we get hung up? At that point we should look up.  Jesus said, “Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.”

We are in a world today that is on fire with the fires of sin.  People are burning up in iniquity.  The Christian is loving in the fire.  He has eternal security in Jesus Christ the Lord.  He meets with his hinderances, he confronts his hang ups, but he knows how to look up.  And then there’s that thought of looking out.  Consider the future.  You cannot go back to the past, you can’t stay where you are because you are moving and everything around you is moving, so you look forward to the future.