High Performance Diesel Engines

Bruce Mallinson
February 2018

Everybody wants to go to California! WHY? Owner-operators tell me the freight pays better out of California. That means you need a truck equipped with EGR, DPF, and DEF, and we know the problems associated with buying a used truck with all the current emissions equipment. What some of you may not know is the engineering staff at Pittsburgh Power have been working on programs and systems for the past several years to keep the emissions systems working like new. The “Dorothy” is at the heart of the emissions tune up program. Being she eats soot; the intake manifold and combustion chambers of the engine now receive much cleaner gasses from the EGR system.

If you feel that you need a truck that is equipped with all the latest emissions equipment, and are looking for a great used truck, we may have just what you are looking for. Before I tell you about the truck I’m going to tell you what we are going to do to each truck before it pulls its next load.

We will install the Dorothy; she has been responsible for keeping the EGR engines clean in the combustion chambers, the VG turbocharger, and the DPF filter. Think about this, if the soot is not entering back into the combustion chamber, it can’t build up on the variable geometry vanes that must move in and out of the turbine housing to change air over volume ratio of the turbine housing. Result, the VG turbo expected life greatly improves.

Emissions tune up: The entire emissions system is removed, cleaned, sensors disassembled and cleaned in an ultra-sonic cleaner, intake manifold removed and cleaned of soot, and the intake side of the cylinder head is cleaned of soot, the doser valve is cleaned and checked, a forced regen is performed on the diesel particulate filter, and the list goes on, it takes about 12 hours to perform this tune up.

ECM and turbo programming: These engines are 450 horsepower and can be tuned to 650 horsepower along with the turbo mapping to follow the horsepower and torque curve. This is critical for turbocharger life and fuel mileage improvement. You choose the horsepower you desire, we’ll make sure the engine produces it along with the correct amount of turbocharger boost. The truck will then be run on the chassis dynamometer, and you will be in the dyno room for the testing.

Being these used trucks have 600,000 miles on the odometer, it’s time for a new crankshaft damper and mercury filled engine balancer, this also will be installed.

Oil analysis: Each engine will have the engine oil analyzed and will be discussed with you.

Complete maintenance records will be furnished with each truck.

The trucks we are talking about are dark blue with silver/gray interiors, T660 Kenworths, 2012 and 2014’s with the 86” Aero sleeper complete with refrigerators and APU’s, and everything works. The engines are ISX Cummins, 450 horsepower, which we will tune to what you desire, 10 speed manual transmissions with the 2012 trucks and Eaton auto shifts with the 2014 trucks. These are owner-operator spec trucks except for the transmissions. As many of you know I love the 13 or 18 speed trans, and we can always install one in these trucks. The rear gears are 3:55 riding on low pro 24.5 tires. The 2014 trucks are equipped with disc brakes on the steering and drive axles. The 2012 trucks have drum brakes. I have 9 pages of specs for these T-660 KW’s and we can fax or e-mail them to you, all you have to do is call our shop at 724-360-4080.

Theses trucks were well maintained in a shop with a heated floor, that’s where I got the idea for our shop, complete wash bay, and the same shop foreman for the past 41 years. These trucks want for nothing, if it needs it, it gets it and they follow a strict maintenance schedule. Most of their loads were light and they are all highway miles. The tires are all in great shape, and this will be one used truck you will be able to go trailer trucking the day you leave our shop. The interior of these trucks has never been dirty, piled up with trash, chains and binders, and all the other stuff that finds its way into trucks. I have known the owner of this fleet since 1981. He runs a first-class operation and he himself is first class. Everything in his life is spotless, even his driveway.

I don’t sell trucks, new or used, I will build you a glider kit, the only reason I’m selling these trucks is I know how well they are cared for. Once we install Dorothy and do the emissions tune ups you should run trouble free for several years with regular maintenance.

Quote of the month: It’s all right to hesitate, if you then go ahead!

Written by Bruce Mallinson, Pittsburgh Power Inc., 3600 S. Noah Dr., Saxonburg, PA 16056 Phone 724-360-4080 Website: Pittsburghpower.com