Help The Person Who Is Coming Behind You

Robert Harris
August 2022

Many people want to hear good songs and be lifted in spirit through music.  The only thing is that most of us depend on someone else to make the music and rhythm of life for us and we miss a great blessing right there.

The Bible teaches that the spiritual man should sing Psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs to his heart, making glad his spirit.

We lost something when we quit singing ourselves and began depending on radio and television, and the professional performers to sing for us.

It is possible to sing above the storm.  It is possible to sing yourself out of the deepest pit when you sing and make melody in your own heart. When you know the notes, you can sing most anything.

When God chooses to make leaders, He doesn’t always take them from the places we normally expect them.  When Christ was going to put his worldwide mission into effect, He chose His leaders from the common herd of men, including fishermen.  You can go through the list of His Disciples and see where they came from.

Of the Disciples, some people said, “They are ignorant and uneducated people.”  Nevertheless, they knew the notes and they could certainly sing the song.

Another expression has been this one, and I believe it to be a good one, “If you can face the music, someday you can lead the band.”

You must go through life’s experience before you can help the person who is coming behind you.