God’s Promise Brings Peace, Joy

Robert Harris
December 2021

Everyone is looking for some good word to encourage their heart.  Oftentimes we search hither and yon, and our search turns out to be fruitless.

We hear the same old things over and over.  We hear the same jokes.  We hear the same greetings and salutations and so often, upon departure, someone says, “Come see me.”  And if you would take them up on their invitation, you would scare them out of their wits for they didn’t really mean it.  It’s just a polite way of saying goodbye.

On a tombstone in Ireland, these words are engraved, “His promises are sure and His hold on me complete.”

Here’s a message found among the silent in death and yet holding the living in the modern world – “His promises are sure.”  The Lord does not play games with us, and He doesn’t use fancy sayings to get rid of us.  When He makes a promise, He puts His heart in it.   When He fulfills the promises, He brings His heart and hand together.

“His promises are sure.”  That sounds good to everyone, but so many people are unwilling to take that as a personal statement to themselves.  “And his Hold on me is complete.”  When you can feel that you are in the grip of God, you can tower about the troubles of this world and live in the glory with God and in peace and joy.