God Decides How Long Oil Shall Burn

Robert harris
June 2021

An elderly person confined to a rest home had become very depressed.  It seems he had lost all sense of joy and victory.

On one occasion when the festivities were high, a little girl asked, “What does all this mean?”  

He said, “This is what the holiday represents.  At one point in history, there was found in the temple only enough oil to keep the Holy Ark’s lamp burning for barely a day.  God performed a miracle.  The oil went on burning for eight days and nights.  After that, Judah said the temple had been purified and he declared an eight-day holiday to rededicate it.”

Then the man said to the little girl, “God decides how long the oil will burn.”

This revived the old gentleman, brought him out of his despondency and placed him back on a note of victory.

We should always remember that God decides how long the oil will burn.  You and I cannot control that.  When it seems that things are impossible, God specializes in things though impossible.  That which seems to be impossible with man, indeed is possible with God.

The Lord is able to take our miseries and make of them miracles, and out of the miracles, He is able to produce masterpieces! We must learn to yield ourselves to Him.

Recently, in a time of test, the Lord said unto me, “Trust me.”  There’s peace when one learns how to trust God, for he learns anew this tremendous lesson, “God decides how long the oil shall burn.”