Give Flowers While They Live

Robert Harris
February 2022

An undertaker was called back to a home where he had delivered a body to be kept overnight before the funeral. When he reached the home, a family member asked, “Will you help us to put Daddy back into the casket?”

The undertaker asked, “What’s Daddy doing out of the casket?! And the person replied, “We got him out to take some pictures.”

The story teaches the same lesson as the song, “Give me my flowers while trying to help me along. Useless the flowers you bring after the soul is gone.”

Have you waited until it is too late to get the picture? If you have, it is not likely you will ever have a good remembrance, nor is it likely that you will be able to do anything about that which you have missed.

When the road has come to an end and the two words at the end of the novel, “The End” appears, there’s little we can do but go back to the beginning. However, if we have failed in one particular way, let us take up another. If we didn’t get Daddy’s picture before he passed away, let’s do all we can for Mother. Let us do all we can for brother and sister. You serve God best as you serve one another. The commandment Jesus gave is to love one another. While we have time and opportunity, let us be at our best and do our best for the Master.