Gene Petrosky

Robert Conrad
March 2018

Gene Petrosky definitely personifies "old school trucking" in today's trucking world that continues to move towards aerodynamics and new technology. He has a couple of old Kenworths that look like they came right out of an old KW advertisement from years ago, but they run right alongside the modern trucks from today.

Gene owns and operates Pocono Coast Transportation and hauls a variety of loads with his classic K-Dubs! He always turns heads in his 1983 KW K-100C cabover that he bought over 11 years ago in Florence, SC. A CAT 3406A replaced the original motor that had a scored liner, and it's paired up with a 15-speed overdrive transmission and a set of 3:70 rears. Gene put an old school paint scheme on the truck and the blue, white, and black combination is accented with gold outlines. In his own words, "It's still an old, worn out truck, but with a nice paint job!" One thing's for sure, everyone checks out Gene and his "old, worn out truck" when he pulls in, and most drivers would kill to get behind the wheel and take her for a trip!

Gene has been trucking his entire life, getting his start playing with toy trucks around age 5. He began his driving career with JLT Corporation in Whitehouse Station, NJ at age 16, and he bought his first truck at age 22! The rest is history and he hauls loads coast to coast, accompanied on many trips by his daughter Rylin (Scooter) Petrosky. Scooter has been trucking with her dad since she was only 3 years old and may just take over Pocono Coast Transportation when her dad decides to retire!

Movin' Out would like to salute Gene Petrosky for all of his hard work and for representing the trucking industry with class on every trip. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet, he'll be glad to tell you about his "old cabover" and talk trucks for a few minutes if you ever cross paths.