​From Salvage Yard To Show Truck!

Steve Pollock
January 2020

“I always wanted a nice truck for the family farm,” stated Kevin Carrocce. Kevin, along with his brothers Mark and Troy and their Uncle Gary Carrocce own and operate American Bulk Commodities in Boardman, Ohio, the parent company for R&J Trucking, John Brown Trucking and Southern Haulers. The company was founded in 1960 by Kevin’s father, Ron Carrocce. Even though Ron loved trucking, he also enjoyed farming. Ron owned the family farm until his death in September of 2016. Kevin, Troy and Mark continue to operate Carrocce Farms.

Kevin Carrocce, the most involved in the family farm, had a dream to build a working show truck that would operate on the family farm. Kevin became a big Kenworth T-800 fan because the R & J Trucking fleet used to operate a number of Kenworth tractors. Surfing the internet in early 2018, Kevin found a 2005 Kenworth T-800 Daycab that was a rollover in a salvage yard near Boston, Massachusetts. The Kenworth had over 1 million miles on it. When he got the truck home, Kevin admits that he had some buyer’s remorse when he realized how much work the rebuild was going to require.

Fortunately, Kevin had access to some very talented people to help him in his endeavors. Mike Zimbardi, who runs R&J Trucking’s body shop straightened the T-800’s frame, as well as some other major body work. The truck was sandblasted, and frame painted in Calcutta, Ohio. The C15 CAT engine was completely rebuilt and tuned to 700 hp. Kevin put the Kenworth back together with plenty of chrome and lights. As well as a new hood and fenders to accommodate the external breathers. Guy Shively did the striping and the lettering to complete the showpiece. The 2005 Kenworth T-800 was completed in October 2019. Farm manager Mike Shinn joked with Kevin, “When you pull into the co-op with that truck, you will be somebody.”

As anyone who has built a show truck will attest, it is a labor of love and a large investment in time and money. Kevin is excited to put the T-800 to work on the farm and is even talking about maybe attending a couple of truck shows in 2020. The Carrocce Farms’ Kenworth Daycab may attend the Class 8 On The Lake and Cerni Motors truck shows.

Kevin Carrocce would like to offer a very special thank you to the following people and company who helped him build the 2005 Kenworth T-800 show truck:

Mike Shinn; Ben Black; Adam Kane; Mike Zimbardi; Phil Hanshaw; Bob Seabrook; Bob Eckman; Guy Shively; Youngstown Kenworth.


Giavonna Carrocce helps her Dad Kevin keep the Kenworth T-800 shiny.

Carrocce Farms’ 2005 Kenworth T-800.

Carrocce Farms’ 2005 Kenworth T-800 before the restoration.