Fly High With Kole Trucking

Steve Pollock
January 2022

CHARLOTTE, NC… “I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings,” Tom Petty’s ionic song describes Kole Trucking LLC, a specialist in aircraft transport.  Kole Trucking serves the airline industries , hauling aircraft engines, parts, and ground support equipment to airports and aircraft plants across the USA.  It is high value cargo that has unique handling requirements.

Kole Trucking was founded by CEO and Owner James Kole in 2010 with a single truck.  James was an owner-operator for 30 years.  He started his trucking career at the age of 18 with Allied Van Lines.  James was also leased to Reliable Carriers and Southern Pride before starting Kole Trucking.  It is his 30-year owner-operator background that drives James to be completely honest with his drivers.  James stated, “Hiring people is an intimate process.”

When he first started trucking, James decided that he was going to search for customers instead of relying on load boards for freight.  This led him to the aviation industry.  James also decided that he was going to lease contractors since he had been an operator-operator himself.  It gave the company less profit, but fewer problems. 

James attributes much of Kole Trucking’s success to skilled workers, including his wife, Kimberly;  “We wouldn’t be where we are without her.”, and Office Manager Debbie Wethington, who was a Professional Truck Driver for 30 years, as well as the excellent drivers who work for Kole Trucking.

Today the Kole trucking fleet consists of 15 independent contractors and 2 company drivers.  Contractors are leased throughout the United States.  The company does 95% aviation transport and about 5% general freight.  They operate Conestoga trailers, stepdecks, and RGNs.  Drivers run all 48 states and can live nearly anywhere.  Owner-operators are paid 80% of the gross and 100% of the fuel surcharge, as well as pay for other duties.

James Kole said, “We are looking for highly skilled, reliable, and experienced contractor teams and solos.  Aviation and oversize experience are a plus.  We enjoy one of the nation’s best  safety and on-time records.  We have recently added a new aviation partner, creating opportunities for additional contractors to lease to us.  For those who are up to the challenge of aviation freight, the financial rewards are great.  If you are interested, give me [James] a call at 844-320-5897.”