​Fire Warms Even Coldest Of Hearts

Robert Harris
November 2017

I read of a man who was in a wheat field that was on fire. The wind was blowing and it seemed his case was one of complete destruction. As he saw the flames coming, he wondered how he would save his life. So he simply bent down, took his cigarette lighter and started a fire near his feet. And as the wind swept the fire in front of his feet, he stepped into a clearing left behind the fire and when the approaching fire reached him, rather than burning him, the fire went around him.

It is another way of saying, “Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.”

John the Baptist said of Jesus, “There stands among you One whom you know not. I indeed have baptized you with water, but He shall baptize you with fire and the Holy Ghost.”

Fire does two things: One is that it consumes and the other is that it refines gold.

We have the world on fire today. We have the fires of hate burning. The world is burning up with sin, which is abounding on every hand, but aren’t you glad there is a holy fire that can burn within the heart and cause the life to be influential and cause the individual to have courage to face the future?

Sometimes ice gets into the Church. If you feel an icicle when you go to Church, maybe there’s a polar bear in the pulpit. What should you do? Run him away? NO! You should pray that God would sand the fires of the Holy Spirit to warm the heart and melt the ice and give a seal for doing that which is good.

When we get on fire with the Spirit of God, our lives count and the world is warmed for God dwells within us.