Covid19 And Russian Roulette

Roger Clark
November 2020

An editor I greatly respect recently penned an interesting, if inflammatory article. Well, okay a lot of what he writes is combustible. But this time he described Americans wanting to resume daily routine as ‘playing Russian roulette’ in a game which he was forced to be part of. 

 If one chooses to leave their shelter, whether for work, fun, fitness, or worship, then that’s their right---and risk. They could fall, freeze, panic, or collapse. They could be subjected to a head-on crash with a cough, sneeze, nasal drip, or bloodshot eyes. It could even be the poor shmuck next them in the middle seat of a jam-packed airliner. But that’s not Russian Roulette. That’s just life. 

 I’m not an MD, even though I played one on the radio, and I’m not a politician because they lie more than I do. I try, however, to be a good soldier in the war against Covid19. I wear gloves, because my wife insists upon it, and mask up because I’m not allowed to work without it. I keep all social distance, wash my hands, and never eat anything that’s fallen on the floor more than twice.

But I do read a lot. I listen to much. I see what’s going on, in the world, and right here in front of my house. I can think critically for myself about what I read, hear, and see, despite the insistence from the media that I need their interpretation.

None of their fortune telling came true. Not a single computer model has been accurate. Not one medical expert has been correct, and no politician has acknowledged the trillions of bailout dollars that don’t even exist. To make matters worse, this parade of colossal ignorance is led by a hysterical media marching to the beat of relentless panic.

It’s not working. Oh, it’s having an effect, of course, driving more and more people to glove up, mask up, and throw up, but the media is becoming less formidable with each passing day. Most days they’re talking only to each other, and only about two subjects; beating down Donald Trump, and extending Covid19 till the elections. So maybe it’s really just one subject.

 I don’t know who cares. More importantly, I know who does. That would be the people directly affected by the virus, and those directly affected by the cure. After that - nobody… and nobody is extending subscriptions, paying advertisers, watching the so-called news shows, or buying game-day tickets to watch millionaire ballplayers take a knee to the national anthem. 

That’s because we’re too busy working. Or looking for work. Or seeking relief. Or helping others that need it. It sums up the definition of American exceptionalism. We don’t run. We don’t hide. We don’t waste time on people who think the sky is falling. We’ve already read that book.

 The year 2020 will be memorable, no doubt about it, even if we don’t recall the COVID crisis. Here it’ll be remembered as the year we gave up network news, newspapers, NASCAR, cable TV, and NFL Football. It’s the year we signed up at the gym, walked a mile every day, and established a low sodium diet. And one more thing. 

This is the year I’m finally going to learn how to beat my wife. You have no idea how much she deserves it. You have no idea how often I’ve dreamed of this outcome. Either that, or the Scrabble game gets recycled once and for all!

 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. There are good days and bad days. This is one of them.